Corporate culture

Logo means

One belt, one road and the Silk Road on the sea, is clearly displayed in the triangle. The Yellow reflects the trend of the silk road. Red illustrates China's coastline. Green show is out of Asia, and the shipping route to Europe also implies the implication of new energy transfer that crosses the region, integrates the industry and links the world.

The three color blocks are the three ties, which not only show the philosophy of "Tao generates one, life two, two generates three, and three generates all things" in Laozi's Tao Te Ching, but also explains that Zhongxia is an important enterprise bridge linking Asia, Africa and Europe.

The text is divided into two parts, by "CXOs" through artistic means combined with shipping, transformed into a simple and eye-catching ship shape, symbolizing the shipping of China and Xiamen in all directions.

In terms of overall color application, red implies the auspicious Chinese red culture concept, symbolizing the prosperity of China Xiamen business; yellow represents the brilliant development of freight transport service in the world; green represents the new industrial form of "globalization", "three-dimensional" and "high efficiency"; blue reflects the "sea power dream" from the international cargo reserve to the marine industry operation and maintenance.
Consistent from beginning to end, mapping the world one by one, one belt, one road, and the other, the central people are consistently practicing the principle of "efficiency, concentration and sincerity" and adhere to the strategy of serving the country's "one belt, one road" and "going out" strategy.

Core values

Self-reliance:Adhere to the core values of socialism with new Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, always maintain a sense of crisis if you don't fight or die, constantly examine yourself, motivate yourself, modify yourself, and make yourself better. Responsible, undertake the historical mission of pioneering and innovating, and building a long-lasting foundation, keeping in mind that we are born in trouble and die in peace. Concentrate, move forward courageously, be firm in your goals, remain calm in good times, and strengthen your conviction in adversities. With perseverance, we will overcome obstacles and make unremitting efforts to create brilliance.

Open innovation:Empty cup mentality, listen attentively. Actively embrace change and continue to reflect. Information is open and transparent, fair and just. Iterate quickly, tolerate trial and error, and be good at summarizing. Continuously optimize and iterate each work, insist on reviewing, summarizing and continuously improving oneself. Forever to achieve more than 5 times the effort than the friends, will have greater innovation.

Common achievements:Results-oriented and inspire achievement. Be able to bravely point out and effectively stop behaviors that damage the company; timely feedback to relevant departments for company problems discovered; track the results of rectification and synchronize in time. Don't grab merit, don't push over. Actively share successful experiences and grow together.

A hopeful nation cannot be without heroes.
A promising company cannot be without pioneer.
We think back to ourselves, in the process of growing up, there will always be pioneers and role models.
It will inspire a kind of spiritual power, so that we face the complex world, more direction and more confident.

Corporate Mission Vision

Corporate Mission: Gathering Strength and Creating Wealth

There is such a team, everyone is from the south and the north and even has met each other, but with a harmonious team spirit, they have jointly created a wealth legend! This is the mission of our Chinaxia ocean Shipping people forever, and he will always inspire us, Alert us.

Corporate Vision: Practice innovation, break through and forge ahead, and strive to grow into a "globalized, efficient, and three-dimensional" shipping company

Creativity refers to the conversion of a "substance" into a "resource ", which combines existing resources in a new and more viable structure.

Change the success of a single product, change the success of a single resource, change the success of individual entrepreneurs, and change the success without paying the cost of rules. The "Belt and Road" is an inevitable product of China's development and a grand strategy for national development. At the same time, it must be clear that enterprise development is a dynamic and continuous development process. On the one hand, "efficient and three-dimensional" is that the connotation of corporate strategy needs to be continuously deepened and enriched. On the other hand, the strategic vision needs to be continuously expanded. Companies placed in the globalized time and space have the opportunity to find their own position, and only companies that can continuously contribute value to the world can get opportunities for development.